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What Our Patients Are Saying About Us...

     I have been a patient of Jasmine Lai's for several years and can attest to the fact that she is kind and caring while still being a consummate professional .  She has been in practice for many years but continues to attend seminars to keep her knowledge current with the latest techniques.  Her offices are clean and comfortable and all needles are one-use only - clean out of the wrapper and disposed of immediately after use.

    My first experience with Jasmine was to treat a muscle spasm that locked up my neck. Before any treatment began she took a full medical history and discussed any other issues I had.  Six weeks of treatment with acupuncture and gentle acupressure and the problem was solved, unlike treatment that I had for the same issue several years ago with a "traditional" physical therapist.  He unlocked the spasm, but in the process twisted my arms around leaving me with months of pain in my shoulders.  So much for "real doctors."

    Since that time Jasmine has treated me for a variety of ailments including tennis elbow, pain management for arthritis and even eye muscle twitches.  Because I had suffered a stoke in 2009 we discussed the long tradition of acupuncture  treatment of stoke in China (which is mandatory in that country) and the amazing recovery success they have.  Fortunately my stoke was small and I have not needed any therapy, but was very interested in her own experience treating catastrophic stroke victims.  It is a tragedy that the US medical insurance industry is the only one in the world that does not recognize this very successful mode of treatment.

~Virginia W.

    I've been going to Jasmine for just over ten years for various problems (chronic daily migraine, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and basically anything that comes up - poor sleep, asthma attacks, bronchitis).  She's the most compassionate, most sincere, most professional medical practitioner I've ever known.  She takes her time with each patient to understand the underlying problems of the patient's symptoms and to ensure the patient's comfort.  

    Here is just a personal story I'd like to share with you.  My chronic migraines are very stubborn, but she has helped me manage them for years...something that five neurologists and countless medications could not do.  I will never forget when Jasmine went on vacation back home to China, she contacted her former professor to take him out to dinner just to discuss my particularly complicated case.  Her concern for me a half a world away on her vacation with her family touched me very deeply and is something I won't soon forget.  If that is not going above and beyond, I just don't know what is.  

    Jasmine's practice is a clean and relaxing environment.  I never feel rushed or ignored, as I often do in most doctors' offices.  Jasmine give each patient her full attention, remembering the details from visit to visit; for example, she always knows that my migraines are worse when I get them on the left side of my head instead of the usual right side.  My regular doctor barely even remembers that I suffer from migraines, yet Jasmine remembers details like this.

    My sister is diabetic.  To add to her problems, the medications that the doctor put her on caused her to have low kidney function.  I told my sister to try going to Jasmine for a while, just to see if she could help.  Since my sister has been going to Jasmine (only two months!), she went from stage 2 chronic kidney disease to a stage 1.

Jasmine doesn't just address symptoms, or even single conditions.  She treats the whole person.   To anyone who is considering acupuncture, I strongly and highly recommend her.

~Annie S.

As a sufferer of GAD for years. I finally discovered an acupuncturist that showed me compassion and her undivided attention when discussion my condition. Her treatments have been highly effective in coping with GAD. Dr. Lai is a true professional. Highly recommended.

~Andrew P.

     When I first began to see Jasmine, I was in terrible pain which kept me from walking or standing. I was using a cane and the pain was truly debilitating. After being in treatment, my pain has decreased significantly and the quality of my life is one hundred times better. Thank you, Jasmine, for giving me my life back.

~ Virginia H.

    I originally came to Lai Acupuncture due to a lifelong problem with hypertension. Now, thanks to their treatments, my blood pressure is in the normal range with out any prescription medication at all. In addition, I now have a new found sense of overall balance and harmony, both emotionally and physically.

~ Joseph P.

    In May of 2009 I was hospitalized with acute renal failure and complications. My life soon revolved around treatment through Dialysis. By August, not receiving any hope for cure I turned to a nutritionist who recommended I begin acupuncture treatments right away. Fortunately for me I found, through a search, Jasmine Lai at Lai Acupuncture. On my initial visit I was impressed with the professionalism of Jasmine and her office. After a consultation with Jasmine she gave me the hope I had been needing to hear. I was encouraged to know that I had someone on my "team" that would be working towards healing me instead of being dependent on harsh treatments indefinitely. She made it very clear to me that we would be working on balancing my bodies energy levels, improving my immune system and stimulating healing. After a few weekly acupuncture treatments, including the drinking of a tea made from herbs prepared by Jasmine, I noticed one day that I was making it through the day without resting and that my energy level had increased considerably. I looked forward to my treatment days with Jasmine not only because I could feel that it was making a difference in how I felt physically, but also because the way she cares about my progress and takes her time with me. A visit with Jasmine is always a life and health affirming experience. After some more treatments my lab work at Dialysis showed an improvement in my "numbers" and kidney function, enough to cut my hours of Dialysis down. Any improvements in my condition that I had was not only a victory for me but for Jasmine as well. One day in January of 2010 on a routine Dialysis treatment my Doctor came to me and delivered the news I had been hoping to hear for 8 months. He told me that since my "numbers" had improved and stabilized and that I was also reporting feeling well, he decided to take me off Dialysis on a trial basis to see how I do on my own. That has been 3 months now and I still have the green light to continue on my own. However I'm not only on my own because I have Jasmine guiding me along the way. She truly is as happy about this as I am.

~ Don H.

    Meeting Jasmine and starting acupuncture last Winter saved me! I had a very large herniated disk and constant pain down my leg, which resulted in numbness and weakness. I sought Chiropractic care and was under the care or a neurologist but Jasmine was the only specialist who brought me relief. After the first visit, I saw results. Jasmine brought me back to life.

~ Jennifer W.

    Jiang Hong Lai (Jasmine) “A Gifted Healer”. For many years, I suffered in silence, while my body was deluged with pharmaceuticals and my common sense was numbed with clinical double talk. I had something of a sports injury that did not heal properly and had become a chronic condition causing me great pain and limited lifestyle. The truth is, when something hurts, there is a reason. A friend had mentioned Acupuncture to me a few times but I avoided it because it seemed foreign to me. I never considered how foreign all of those chemicals I was relying on for years must have felt to my body. If you are now looking to heal, you must help your body heal itself.. Jasmine can help. It will a team effort working on your mind body and spirit from both healer and those that seek healing. Your body is designed to heal. (get a cut and a week later its usually gone by itself) Work with your body and it will work with you. Work against it and there will be consequences. Work with Jasmine and your body will let you know that you are in good hands. I am glad we found her, me and my body.

~ Frank L.

    I just wanted to thank you and send a picture of my baby girl. Without you, she wouldn’t be here right now. I am so glad I met you. When I am ready for another one, I’ll be calling you!

(Results of fertility treatments)

~ Justine P.

    Thank you for being so kind and going above and beyond your professional abilities to listen to me. You are very good at what you do and you do it with so much love. You take your time to hear me out even when you’re busy. You truly are the best. Now we have 2 beautiful daughters when we thought it wasn’t possible.

~ Marcy G.

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